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The King of Diamonds.

New York jeweller Harry Winston donated Blue Hope diamond to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington in 1958.

Weight of a diamond 45.52 carat. Harry Winston was the last owner of a cursed diamond which left behind a trail of unlucky owners.

Celebrating 50th anniversary, National Museum displayed Blue Hope in a temporary newly-designed necklace called "Embracing Hope," created by the Harry Winston firm.

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Biggest robbery in British history

Bravo to Scotland Yard !

Three men arrested in connection with London's largest diamond theft,
a 40 million-pound robbery at Graff Jewellers.

Graff Jewellers known for its diamonds and caters to celebrities, also was targeted in 2003. Back then was stolen 23 million pounds.

Biggest collection of pink diamonds

Biggest collection of pink diamonds ever is on display in Perth - Australia.

Amongst rarest pink diamonds from around the world, Linneys Argyle heart shaped pink diamond -2.61ct.

Most valuable pink diamond produced from Argyle Diamond Mine.

Apparently only a decade left in the life of the Argyle diamond mine, producer of the pink diamonds. That's why the pinks will be highly valuable for collectors.

1 Billion for the Diamonds !

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the opening ceremony of a new diamond mine in republic of Yakutia reassure that the government will allocate $1 billion to support struggling industry.

Vladimir Putin said that although the industry is now in a difficult situation due to the world economic crisis, its future is bright and the government will buy diamonds for the state.

The mine is expected to produce one million tonnes per year.