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Did you know that you can save money, when you buy quality jewellery? What does that mean? Sometimes sparkling rings can turn into scrap metal in a couple of months. White gold becomes yellow, the shank of the ring bend and break like thin foil, and stones fall out.


Very often white gold is replaced with Rhodium plating. As a result the plating comes off very soon, and it needs to be re-plated . Too thin gold on the ring wears off quickly, shank bend and break. In many cases the jeweller will tell you, that he needs to put new shank, which will cost you more money.

If stones are set askew and not deep enough, they will fall out sooner or later, especially on rings that has to be sized. At the end it is not a bargain anymore, but trouble. Quality saves you money on maintenance and the value will go up over the years. The jewellery can be passed on to your children as a family treasure. It means that you have not just purchased a piece of gold, but you have made an investment. Only good quality jewellery can be an investment.


Here is two things that qualify gold items as valuable. Craftsmanship and quality of stones. If gold have a standard, no matter where you buy. Diamonds and Colour Gems are not. Stones like people, have their own face, character, and even history. There are never two the-same.

With diamonds it's easy, all you need to know is the 4-C's

1-Cut 2-Color 3-Clarity 4-Carat/Weight.

Cut- refers to the proportions of the stone. A perfectly cut diamond has more brilliance , because better reflect the light.

Color- by mistake some people think diamond is a white stone, which is good and yellow cheaper. Diamond has all the colors from colorless to yellow, brown, green, blue, red, pink and black. But fancy pure colors are rare and have more value.

Clarity- diamonds might have marks inside (inclusions). But perfect diamonds are flawless and very rare. Prices can vary, depending on the number and size of inclusions.

Carat- weight of a stone. A carat subdivided in 100 points. 1 point = 0.01carat, 50 points = half a carat. The bigger the size of a stone, the higher price per carat. One diamond of a carat cost more than ten stones with a total weight one carat.

Many large famous diamonds have their own story to tell, books have been written and films have been made. About that I will tell you next time. Come back for more I have a lot to share with you.

The Secrets Of Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring

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