Goldsmiths Tools Every Jeweller use It

Very often people asking me, what goldsmiths tools do I need to make jewellery.

There is many jewellery making tools you need to make jewellery but some tools is essential. By not having this tools or not using the right tools goldsmith can not achieve good quality when making jewellery.

As you know jewellery is a very delicate items and making jewellery considered as an art.

This is why it is very important to have a goldsmiths tools of a good quality which can last a life time.

By the nature of work, goldsmith dealing with small parts of metal and different stones. To make our job very accurate, sometimes we need help to see better. We use several different tools for that. From ordinary Jewellers Loupe, for quick examination of stones, setting of stones or to read trademark stamps on the jewellery,

SE Jeweler's Loupe - 30X (Set of 2)

to magnifying glasses, what we called - Optivisor, the Optical Magnifying Visor. We use optivisor very often during work, like when we soldering small parts or setting of stones, making engraving and other general work. If your eyes is good then you need 2.5x or 3x magnification and if your eyes are weak and you using glasses then I suggest for you a little stronger, :5x magnification.

Donegan DA-5 OptiVisor Headband Magnifier, 2.5x Magnification, 8" Focal Length

Personally I use even better. I use a Microscope. Yes, you read that right and because of it I achieved a top quality in my jewellery. Under the microscope I do setting of stones, engraving , examination of jewellery and many other things. Because I use a Microscope, nobody around my area can beat my quality.

My First Lab I-explore Scope

To be continued. Please come back later, I will describe all the tools.