Goldsmith Secrets

Everybody wants to know about Goldsmith secrets.

Let me tell you about all my secrets.

Wait, I already did in my book. Maybe I didn't mention all the secrets, but definitely enough to make you a better goldsmith.I will tell you a few goldsmith secrets on this page and lets see if you can recognize them.

Here I would like to talk about you. Yes YOU. Most of my website or at least a big part of it, is dedicated to a goldsmith and that's YOU.

This is not about me because I have reached my peak. I have my success and enjoy it. It's time now for you to do the same.

The first and most important thing that you have to understand is that nobody will help you if you don't help yourself.

What do I mean by that? You must have a passion for what you do and if you want to learn, you need information and a teacher who can share his or her knowledge so that you can learn faster.

Don't be afraid to ask, this is one of the ways to learn.

When I started my career as a goldsmith apprentice, the first thing I did was, I bought all the books related to the jewellery industry. OK, I had the money to do so as I had just retired from the Navy and was looking for ways to start a new life and provide enough money for my family.

Yes, I was disciplined in the Navy and maybe this is one of the reasons that I learned very fast. I had about 70 guys to learn from. That's how big the workshop was.

Once again, I was lucky because at least 15 of them were very good masters and I learned many goldsmith secrets.

If you read this, obviously you don't have anybody who can help you, up until now!

I am here to help you and for the very same reason, I wrote the book, Goldsmith Apprentice.

OK, this page is not about the book. It is about goldsmith secrets.

Here is one. I know all about your problems. Firstly, because I started, just like you as an apprentice and made mistakes. Secondly, I know what you are looking for. How? I have software that tells me why you are here. Here is the proof.

This is what you have searched for:

1-jeweller first period apprentice.

2-how to become a goldsmith.

3-goldsmith bench skin.

4-goldsmith course book.

5-goldsmith tools.

6-goldsmith tools catalog.

7-goldsmith training

8-how to get goldsmith apprentice for free.

9-how do goldsmiths melt gold training.

10-how to recognize rhodium jewelry.

11-jewellery making courses.

12-scrap gold secrets download pdf.

I will answer these questions and hopefully you will learn more than you came here for and maybe you can find many goldsmith secrets.

1-jeweller first period apprentice; to be honest with you, I am not completely sure what the question is. I will try to answer it. My guess would be, what you have to learn first as an apprentice.

First you have to learn everything about metals and that is not just silver or gold. There are many other metals involved in the jewellery industry like copper, brass, zink, palladium etc.

Gold is not 100% pure even when it comes out from underground. After the gold has been mined, it goes to the refinery factory to get refined (separated) from other minerals (metals).

100% Pure gold is too soft to make jewellery from and it took generations until the standards were implemented.

The combination of the different metals in gold has a name, Alloy. You have to learn about all these metals to understand why 9ct is harder then 18ct, but has a lower melting point.

When you learn everything about the metals, it would be easier to start practicing. Metals and how to work with them, is one of the first goldsmith secrets. The rest is just a matter of time.

2-how to become a goldsmith; I know 3 ways to become a goldsmith and I think there is no more than that.

Firstly, you can start studying at a jewellery school and in approximately 3 years you will have a diploma and a big disappointment because nobody wants you. Why?

I have to tell you this story. A few years ago when all the students passed their exams and started looking for a job, I had a few guys coming to my shop and tried their luck. My name is well known around here and anyone can tell you that I am the best. Maybe it is not a good thing to talk about myself, but I want you to understand when I say- tried their luck.

Secondly, they also knew that I will give them a chance to prove themselves and to everyone that I can. So I had one very talented guy from the school. He wasn't very young, 27 years of age and had experience in working at a jewellery shop for a year. He then did a one year jewellery designer course and finely completed jewellery school in 3 years.

I could tell he had enormous potential and a great future. All he needed was experience. But, after two months the school called him and offered him a position as a teacher. This was the same school where he graduated from. So he left for more money which is understandable.

The point is, a good and experienced master goldsmith will never give up his job as a goldsmith because on the bench he can make much more money than any school can offer him as a teacher.

Guess who are the teachers in schools?

The second way to become a goldsmith is to try a jewellery shop with a workshop. A manufacturing jeweller, not a chain store which only sells jewellery. I already spoke about that on the page: Free Lesson

Any jeweller can take you as an apprentice and apply for your apprenticeship. After 3 years you will still have to qualify to get your diploma. The same as any jewellery school and the only difference is, you will have practical experience working as a goldsmith.

Third and the last. You can learn a goldsmiths trade at home. Yes you can. It could be much harder and would be called a hobby, but still you will be a goldsmith with or without a diploma.

You will be a goldsmith because of your craftsmanship and expertise and nobody can take that away from you. Later your hobby can grow into a business and you can register a company and nobody will ask you if you have a goldsmith diploma.

3-goldsmith bench skin; if you know what the bench looks like, then it is not difficult to make a bench skin. Go to a store that sells material and buy synthetic leather.

4-goldsmith course book; you have just come to the right place. Go to the Apprentice course page and you have it.

5-goldsmith tools;

6-goldsmith tools catalog; these two questions could not be the same. I will answer them both here. If you like to know what tools you need then go to the page Goldsmith. If you want to know what the jewellery tools look like, then go to Google image search and type "jewellery tools".

7-goldsmith training; again, you are at the right place. All you have to do is download the book "Goldsmith Apprentice" and you will have access to my training, for free.

8-how to get the Goldsmith Apprentice for free; If you go to school, it will cost you lots of money. Or most likely, it will cost your parents lots of money. If you want to know how to get a scholarship, sorry I don't know that, but I can try to find out. As I mentioned earlier, the best way is to get a job as a goldsmith apprentice at a jewellery shop.

9-how do goldsmiths melt gold training; this is a serious question. You need Gas, Oxygen, torch, crucible, borax, hosepipes, ingot. Place gold in a crucible and melt. Only, it's not that simple. You must regulate the flame according to the carats of gold you are melting. That's another goldsmith secret.

This is described in more detail in my book with tips on how to melt filings without any loss. If you work with the gold then you will save thousands.

10-how to recognize rhodium jewellery; This is easier to explain practically than in writing. Rhodium is a white metal and when jewellery is rhodium plated, it looks like white gold. If it is silver that is rhodium or platinum plated then it's easy, silver is a bright white metal and if it looks more like a white gold (metallic grey colour), then its plated.

With the gold, its different. Normally only some parts of yellow gold get rhodium plated and almost always it is where the stones are set. If you look carefully, you will notice that the plated part is the part of the whole piece. If it was white gold, then you can see that piece was soldered afterwords. Lets say it is a ring, look inside of the ring and if everything inside is yellow then probably the top white parts are plated.

Again, it depends on the techniques the goldsmith uses when he makes that piece.

11-jewellery making courses; I have already answered this question. The only one thing I can add to it is, do your search again and go to UK sites. Have a look at the 3 to 5 day courses and see how much they charge for it. A few hundred pounds. I am offering my course for free.

Sorry for mentioning my book again, but how exactly are you planning to learn?

Download the book now. Goldsmith Apprentice to learn goldsmith secrets.

12-scrap gold secrets; download pdf; that would be the last question and the answer is on the page: Goldsmith

OK, we're done here. So what about Goldsmith secrets? Did you see it? Yes it is knowledge and it comes with years of experience which I share in my book and all other goldsmith secrets.

PS. What is the most expensive thing in the world?

Know how! Knowledge. Some people prefer to say - Secret.

The Goldsmith Secrets.

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