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Why Goldsmith Apprentice? Because that is who you are and can be very proud. Congratulations on reaching my website. I am very excited to share my expertise, techniques and secrets in jewellery making with you. So get started today.

The book, was written by me, Anatoli Graour, a professional Goldsmith for 25 years.

I have confidence that you will benefit from it. I guarantee that you will learn techniques that you will not find anywhere else. You too, can become a master goldsmith.

*Are you tired of struggling to put your jewellery pieces together?

*Does your solder not flow to the right place or making bubbles?

*Does your small elements melt while you are soldering pieces together?

*Are you experiencing difficulty in finding techniques to set stones?

*Have you ever broken the corners of a marques or square stones while setting?

Do these problems sound familiar?

You will discover :

*The career you have chosen can be fun.

*Ensured of absolute job satisfaction.

*Ensured of absolute client satisfaction.

*How to save money when applying my techniques.

What the Goldsmith Apprentice has to offer:

*Soldering techniques, irrespective of what you are working on.

*Methods to make your own solder and soldering flux.

*How to prevent breaking stones while doing repair work.

*How to make your own gold if, for example there is too little time to order from the refinery.

*How to repair claws (prongs) without taking the stone out of the ring.

*You will never have to send filings to the refinery again.

*You will learn how to make your own tools which are not available on the market.

*You will learn new ideas about jewellery designing.

*You will learn how to make the right size ring by using a ring size charter.

*How to prepare a crucible for proper use and will last a few years.

*Identification of stones and their characteristics.

*How to protect stones from overheating.

*Making templates.

*Metals and their melting points.

*The correct way to melt filings without losing metal.

*Making rings.

*Making earrings.

*Making coin frames, pendants.

*How to save money on material and metal when applying these techniques.

Once you download the eBook

and you need help, you can send me an e-mail and I will assist you with any questions you may have. It will be like a golden membership to a coaching club.

Would you like to get started today?

The book is digital in PDF format. Cool, you don't have the inconvenience of postage fees nor do you have to wait for the post office to deliver.

You will need Adobe Reader to view the book. If you don't have one, you can download now and it's free.

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