Goldsmith. Beginning of the craft

The secrets of the craft comes a long way from the past before the name Goldsmith was born. It was in the time when steel was more valuable than gold.Tools made from steel could be exchanged for kilograms of gold jewellery and gems, which means that jewellery craft was born first. Different techniques were used in different countries, but the tools are the same.

The Goldsmith Tools.

First you need handy gas, oxygen, torch, crucible for melting metals, ingot, moulds in cast iron for forming metal. Jewellery saw frame with saw blades. (There are different sizes):choose thick blades - No:2 (will last longer for beginners.A few pliers- flat nose, round nose and half round. Side cutter, hammers- big and small, files and needle files, different shapes. Soldering tweezers (a must have).

A drill is very important. See if you can get a jewellery hangingmotor with flexible shaft (second-hand won't cost much).It will be good if you can afford rolling mills, but you can shape metal with a big hammer on a steel block.

We now need materials to work with. Not the gold or silver. There is a big list you have to write down. Sandpaper (300 and 1000 grits), borax, boracic powder, acid (you can use battery acid), polishing paste, polishing buffs, soldering block (asbestos-free), oil, cotton wool, binding wire, candle (or bee wax if obtainable). You must get lead and melt it into a flat can for better shaping of jewellry. OK, enough for now, we are almost done.

The metal. Please, please don't melt your grandma's jewellery, They can have more value than you ever know, even plain wedding bands with trade marks inside can be priceless (more about that on another page). You can not buy gold from the factory, you must have a license for that.

To start with, go to the scrap-yard and buy copper, a very good metal to work with. Copper has been used for hundreds of years. It will be better if you can get silver somewhere, please again, not the coins. You can go to the Numismatic club though and buy cheap, damaged silver coins.

We are almost ready, you still need a little silver dough to make solder. Use Borax and Boracic powder to make flax, set up melting and polishing place (you can use a grinder to convert into a polishing machine). I almost forgot, your working bench with the skin and bench pin. Congratulations you are ready to become a Goldsmith. Join the craft.

For better knowledge on the tools; Goldsmith & Jewellery Suppliers catalog. You can order from the same place as a jeweller, you don't need a license for that.


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