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Gemstones: Tanzanite. How much you know about?

Tanzanite was discovered in 1967. It's named after the East African state of Tanzania where the only deposit was found in Meralani (Merelani) Hills, the foothills of mountain Kilimanjaro.

Tanzanite is a variety of the mineral Zoisite and it is a blue-purple in colour. The most popular is a deep blue colour, which shows a purplish hue around it.Tanzanite in its rough usually a brown reddish to green colour. It requires artificial heat treatment to 600 °C to bring out the blue-violet colour in the stone.

Due to it's hardness 6.5-7, Tanzanite is not very durable and it should be worn with care.

In 2002 American Gem Trade Association announced that Tanzanite become birthstone of December and join Zircon and Turquoise.

As a jeweller, I advise you to wear your jewellery with Tanzanite only on special occasions because it gets scratched easily and loses it's beauty (Brilliance).

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