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The Rhodium Plating

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Your resent questions:

1-Basic goldsmith tools cost

My friend, I can not tell you that. Where you from? Look on the right, here is the prices on jewellery tools that sold on Amazon. I don't even know from which country you are. Each country have they own suppliers and the suppliers make they own price. Get the phone directory and look for Jewellery Suppliers around your aria.

2-Goldsmith tools book free

Jewellery tools catalog: Copy this and paste in Google search.You will find at least one site who give free catalog and you will know what the tools look like and the price (in they aria).

3-How to protect stones while soldering

I talked about in my book, it is free to download. Very short? It is depend on the stone. Not with any stones you can solder jewellery, some stones you will have to remove, some stones you can protect with special Heat Paste, some stones don't afraid of high temperature just don't apply soldering flux on it and don't quench hot jewellery in acid.

4-How much money goldsmith work for

How good you are? No really. Are you professional goldsmith? You get the point. It is depend on your qualification. Not on paper but how good you are as a goldsmith.

Generally goldsmith make very good living and the best part, he enjoying of what he's doing and get paid for it. Watch this short video and you will have an idea what it's look like.

Please feel free to ask goldsmith and you will have the answer

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