I am a Newbie in Marketing

I have received few emails with confession, I am a newbie I know nothing about Internet marketing but I would like to learn.

Congratulations for saying that.

I am belong to many networks where everybody pretend to be a pro- marketers and all they do is, trying to sell you something. They never make a dime and will never admit that they know nothing more then promote MLM or affiliate link.

If you are a newbie, this page is for you.

What is Internet marketing I did take a description from Wikipedia but it will tell you nothing how it works and what you have to do.

In plane English it is. Well, about English. I will publish this page immediately after I finish typing without any editing work.

Why? We have friends here from 84 countries (most of them newbie in marketing), and I want to encourage them a little. You will learn from my books that I didn't know how to switch computer, never mind my English.

And now I am busy writing My Biography , I published a preview on Hubpages. You can read it if you want to. It will open in new window and it is not boring, I promise.

If English is not your first language here is a tip. Use OpenOffice to make your own dictionary. Type in there most difficult words and keep for your records. If you don't know the meaning of the word, type in OpenOffice then click Tools, select Language and click Thesaurus, it will show you meaning of the word and show you synonym for replacement. Still problems? Go to Google click option - more... select Translate, then write in your language and translate to English. That's it.

Back to internet marketing.

Lots of companies on internet willing to pay you good commissions if you send them customers. You have to find product or services that in the big demand. Study everything about that product or service. Create website with description of that product, give as much useful information as possible. People must feel that you helping them and they will appreciated.

You will find companies which have that product, join as an affiliate (reseller), place links and images on your site. When visitors click on the link or image they will redirected to the company site who will do the sale and delivery. All you have to do is wait for your check to arrive.

Of course it is a much bigger process and you will learn all about. Just take one step at the time.

And remember, have a question, I am just email away.

More info will come in time, I don't want to give you all info at once, you will simply get lost in it. This is where "Information Overload" come from and for newbie this is disaster. Take it easy.

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