April Birthstone - Diamond
Zodiac sign Aries

Diamonds are girls best friend !

The name diamond is derived from the ancient Greek αδάμας (adámas),
"proper", "unalterable", "unbreakable".

Diamonds are thought to have been first recognized and mined in India,
where significant alluvial deposits of the stone could be found many centuries ago along the rivers Penner, Krishna and Godavari.
Diamonds have been known in India for at least 3,000 years but most likely 6,000 years.

Diamond is the hardest known natural material on both
the Vickers and the Mohs scale.
Diamond's hardness has been known since antiquity, and is the source of its name


Synthetic diamonds are diamonds manufactured in a laboratory,
as opposed to diamonds mined from the Earth.
The gemological and industrial uses of diamond
have created a large demand for rough stones.
This demand has been satisfied in large part by synthetic diamonds,
which have been manufactured by various processes for more than half a century.

However, in recent years it has become possible to produce gem-quality
synthetic diamonds of significant size.
It is possible to make colorless synthetic gemstones that, on a molecular level,
are identical to natural stones and so visually similar that only a gemologist
with special equipment can tell the difference.


A diamond simulant is a non-diamond material that is used to simulate
the appearance of a diamond, and may be referred to as diamante.
Cubic zirconia is the most common.
The gemstone Moissanite (silicon carbide) can be treated as a diamond simulant,
though more costly to produce than cubic zirconia.
Both are produced synthetically

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